Metz Farm Families

The first Metz Farm family immigrated from Hayna, Pfalz. Hayna is a very small town west of the Rhine River. The Metz ancestors have been traced back to Joachim Metz who was born in 1633 and died in 1699.

Our story really begins with George Martin Metz, then Maria Eva Rang Metz (George Martin's second wife).
After George M. Metz died Maria Eva and her 4 children immigrated to Cincinnati, Ohio in 1835 and 1837.

Early in 1838 Maria Eva and her family purchased the Metz Farm in Green Township just west of Cincinnati.

Then we link to Maria Eva's four children:
1st child: Jacob married Josepha Metz in 1837. Their 4 children were born on the farm.
2nd child: Maria Elizabetha married Jacob Weiler in 1836.
3rd child: Joseph married Josephine Revberger. They lived and raised 6 children on the farm.
4th child: Caroline mariied Frank Pflum in 1839.

Jacob's descendants born on the farm:
Jacob's children: George, John, Mary Elizabeth, Christina.
George's children: John, Joseph, William, Allie.
Wm.'s chldrn: 'Al' Alphonse, 'Lolly' Luella, 'Doc' Ramond, 'Real' Aurelia, 'Marcy' Marcells, 'Art' Arthur.

Before he died Art Metz sold the Metz farm property to a developer with the conditon that he could live on the property as long as he lived. Art died on April 7, 1987.

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