Joseph Metz
    1811 - 1871

'Joseph' was born Josephus Metz on 7/8/1811 in Hayna.

When Joseph was 24 years old, he and his sister Elizabeth immigrated to the U.S.A. They left Europe at the Port of Le Harve, France aboard the Salem arriving at the Port of New Orleans of November 13, 1835.

They came up the Mississippi and then the Ohio rivers to Cincinnati, Ohio.

Early in 1838 Maria Eva Rang Metz (the 2nd wife of George Martin Metz) with son Jacob (31 years old), son Joseph (26), and son-in-law Jacob Weiler (about 23, and husband of Maria Elizabeth Metz) purchased 45 acres of land about 1.2 miles west of the Petersburg community at the upper end of the Lick Run valley, in Green Township west of Cincinnati, OH. The deed was recorded 3/12/1838.
Jacob Weiler farmed for 3 years.

Joseph Metz and Josephina Reberger were married in Holy Trinity Catholic Church on August 13, 1839.

In 1843 the 45 acre farm was divided into 3 sections of 15 acres, owned by Jacob Metz, Joseph Metz, and Jacob Weiler. Jacob Weiler owned the western section.
In the summer of 1847 Jacob Metz and Joseph Metz purchased an additional 22 acres adjoining their property on the south.

Joseph and Jacob Metz lived on and worked the farm.

Joseph married Josephina Reberger. They had 8 children on the farm.

Census info:
1850: Joseph, Josephine, and their 4 children born in the 1840s were living on the farm.
1860: Joseph, Josephine, and 6 children were living on the farm. Joseph, Jr. (born about 1849) was missing.
1870: Only Joseph and Josephine were living on the farm.
1880: Only Josephine and daughter Anna were living on the farm.

Joseph died on October 12,1871. Josephine died on August 30,1896. They are buried in Old St.Joseph Cemetary.

To Karen Burkart for son Jacob's Descendants.
To Richard Busche for son Frank's Descendants.
To Cindy Light for Joseph’s marriage record.

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