'Lolly' Luella Metz de Vasconcellos

"Luella (Lolly) was born in 1894. She married Nuno Smith de Vasconcellos in 1915. He was born in 1898 and was from Brazil. They met in Cincinnati. Her friend, who was a widow, was sick and Lolly was her constant companion. Nuno came to pay his respects to her friend and met Lolly. He was a civil engineer, but his profesion was as an English teacher. He wrote several books including grammer books, dictionary and an autobiography. In 1915 they lived for a short while in Akron, then moved to Cleveland. Uncle Nuno died in 1943, age 44, in South America. Lolly returned home to the farm in 1947 and lived there with Art until she died in 1978, age 84. She was a quiet, gentle woman who took great care of Art and the farm after Muffy died. She also loved sweets. Guiomar gave me this information in Dec. 1991." by Vivian Riestenberg

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