'Art' Arthur Anthony Metz

"Arthur Anthony was born June 6, 1906. He lived on the farm his entire life and always had a garden until his death. He worked for the Bohnerts at the "hair factory" until it closed sometime in the 1950s. He drove a truck. From 1959 to 1971 he was manager of St. Bonaventure's bowling lanes. I believe years ago he was offered a job with the Hudepohl Brewery, but he did not take it, which made Muffy very happy. He was an excellent bowler and he and Peck Haverkamp bowled on one of the best teams in the city. He loved cards and was one of the best pinochle players I've ever seen. He had a couple of decks in his glove compartment when he died, just in case. When he was younger he did a lot of hunting and, of course he piched horseshoes in the league on the farm. He did a bit of traveling after he retired and kept his garden. He was drafted in the Army in Dec. 1942 and discharged on Nov. 6,1945. Since he was one of the "older" men he worked behind the lines as an automotive parts clerk in Africa, Sicily, and Italy for 30 months. He had some contact with German prisoners and was still in touch with them long after the war. We found a Nazi helmet on the farm. He never married although he went out with "Odie" off and on for years. She was such a nice person. Art had many friends of all ages. He was a happy and easy going man who always enjoyed himself. He was a pleasure to be around and a lot of fun. He dearly loved the farm, so it was fitting that he was the last person to live there. He died of cancer April 7, 1987 at the age of 80." by Vivian Riestenberg


Before he died Art Metz sold the Metz farm property to a developer with the conditon that he could live on the property as long as he lived. Art died on April 7, 1987.

Right after Art died and before the developer took over the property Vivian Riestenberg (Real's daughter & Art's niece) went through the old farm house and saved all of the old newspaper articles, photos, notes and other family historical items found in the attic.


Our sincere thanks to Vivian for saving and sharing so much of the Metz family history.

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