'Real' Aurelia Christina Metz Schmitt

"Aurelia Christina was the fourth oldest, born Nov. 17,1898.She was always known as "Real". Her grandchildren and great grandchildren called her "Realsie". She was born on the farm. I often wondered why her 2nd name was Christina, but have found out there were quite a few ancestors with that name. She married Clifford Schmitt on June 25, 1927, but don't know where they met. They lived in an apartment building on Guerly Road. They then built a house on Tuxworth Avenue, and then came the depression. Dad had no work and they did a lot of skimping and scraping to get by. She was an excellent seamstress, making coats for us kids out of old coats that someone would give her. Dad was very good at shoe repair, especially Goodyear rubber soles. They were both hardworking, good people. Real was an excellent cook and performed small miracles with the food during this time. I could write a book about the depression, but we kids were very happy and didn't know until later how hard it was for them. Before she married, she worked at Crown Overalls, sewing. She also had bought two cars during her working years. When they married, Dad had a car, so they sold hers, since women seldom worked after marriage and two cars was unherd of. She and her best friend Mitzie went dancing often at the Zoo Pavilion. She and Dad enjoyed life and both had many friends. They were always a good time at any type of party or gathering. Realsie was very religious. She always had a "prayer list". I think she had a direct line to God. She was very devoted to St. Anthony, but wore him out in later years misplacing so many things. She was kind to so many people, did so many favors and always helped anyone with a problem. She loved her garden and gave most of it away. She had a gift of love and teaching love. I hope we have all learned from her example. She was a wonderful mother, a great woman, with many friends who still talk about her. She had a stroke in Aug. 1988. After successful surgery for colon cancer, she died Nov 25,1988 at manor Care Nursing Home, one week after her 90th birthday party. She is still sorely missed."*

"She had brain damage and couldn't speak after her stroke in August. The night of the party she had a fever, but you could tell she was having a good time. They allowed beer at the nursing home. She had many friends who still tell their "Realsie" stories. Our Daily Bread received a large amount of money in her name. She was a wonderful lady."*

*by Vivian Riestenberg


Vivian was Real's first daughter.

Before he died Art Metz sold the Metz farm property to a developer with the conditon that he could live on the property as long as he lived. Art died on April 7, 1987.

Right after Art died and before the developer took over the property Vivian Riestenberg (Real's daughter & Art's niece) went through the old farm house and saved all of the old newspaper articles, photos, notes and other family historical items found in the attic.


Our sincere thanks to Vivian for saving and sharing so much of the Metz family history.

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