George M. Metz

George was born 10/15/1838. He was the first child of Jacob and Josepha Metz.

George married Justina Elizabeth Rothan. George and Justina had 4 children.

"When George and Justina were married in 1864, they lived on the farm with George's father, Jacob. Jacob's wife had died in 1849. Since the original 4 rooms of the house were built in 1858, I can only assume that part of the frame section was there at this time.They were farmers and wine makers, growing their own grapes to make the wine. Jacob moved to his daughters home in 1886. George died in 1888." by Vivian Reistenberg

Justina Rothan
"Justina (Christina) Rothan was born 6 May 1844 in Ohio. I find her in the 1850 census as a six year old living with her parents. In the 1870 census she is still listed with her parents but she was married and already had children by that time. I believe they must have misunderstood the census taker and just listed all their children rather than just those still at home.
She married George M. Metz and lived out her life on the Metz farm in Green Township, Hamilton (County), Ohio. In 1880 she is 36 and her husband is 42. He lists his occupation as gardener. George died 4 Jul 1888. In 1900 I find her living by herself on Lick Run Pike. She is 55 and widowed. The last time I find her is in 1910. She is living at 751 Barr St. She says she has borne four children, all living. She owns the house and it is free of mortgage." by Mary Bihn

George died when less than 50 years old. Justina died when 72 years old. Both are buried in St. Aloysius Cemetary, (lot 25 sec2) Bridgetown, OH.


The only record we can find on George’s last child Bernard Metz is in the 1900 Federal Census where he and Aloysius are living in Peoria, IL with the Rothans.

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