Maria Eva Rang Metz
    1781 - 1849

Rang family
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father: Johann Adam Rang
mother: Maria Pfeffer
spouse: George Martin Metz
Joannes, Jacob , Maria Elizabeth, Joseph & Caroline
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Maria Eva Rang was born in 1781 in Hayna. In 1803, when she was 22 years old, she married George Martin Metz, a widower with 7 children between 3 years and 15 years old.
Margaretha Metz (George Martin's first wife) died in 1801. Maria Eva married George Martin Metz in 1803.

Maria Eva and George Martin had 5 children. Their first child, Joannes Adamus was born in the spring of 1804 and died in December 1805 when a year and 9 months old.

Husband George Martin Metz died in January 1814.

Son Joseph (24 years old) and daughter Elizabeth (26 years old) immigrated to the U.S.A. They left Europe at the Port of Le Harve, France aboard the Salem arriving at the Port of New Orleans of November 13, 1835. They made their way up the Mississippi and Ohio rivers to Cincinnati, OH.

Maria Eva, son Jacob and his wife Josepha also immigrated. They went to the Port of Le Havre. There they boarded the Bolivar and were on there way to America. On November 20, 1837 they arrived in New orleans, LA. They also made their way up the Mississippi and Ohio rivers to Cincinnati, OH.

Early in 1838 Maria, sons Jacob and Joseph, and son-in-law Jacob Weiler purchased 45 acres south of Lick Run Pike in Green Township west of Cincinnati, OH.

Maria Eva died on July 10, 1849 in the cholera epidemic.

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