The Metz Farm

Early in 1838 Maria Eva Rang Metz (the 2nd wife of George Martin Metz) with son Jacob (31 years old), son Joseph (26), and son-in-law Jacob Weiler (about 23, and husband of Maria Elizabeth Metz) purchased 45 acres of land about 1.2 miles west of the Petersburg community at the upper end of the Lick Run valley, in Green Township west of Cincinnati, Ohio. The deed was recorded 3/12/1838.

Jacob Metz, Joseph Metz and Jacob Weiler worked hard on the farm.
After 3 years Jacob Weiler decided he did not want to farm and changed occupations.
Jacob Metz and Joseph Metz and their families lived on the farm on Lick Run Pike (now 2661 Queen City Ave).
Jacob Weiler and Maria Elizabeth (Metz) Weiler built a home at 1064 Queen City Ave.

In 1843 the 45 acre farm was divided into 3 sections of 15 acres, owned by Jacob Metz, Joseph Metz, and Jacob Weiler. Jacob Weiler owned the western section.
In the summer of 1847 Jacob Metz and Joseph Metz purchased an additional 22 acres adjoining their property on the south.

In the Summer of 1849 Jacob Metz's wife Josepha contracted and died of cholera, leaving Jacob with 4 children between 1 1/2 to 10 1/2 years old. In 1862 John (Jacob's 2nd son) enlisted and fought in the Civil War. In 1864 George (Jacob's oldest son) married and brought his wife, Justina, to live on the farm. George and Justina raised 4 children on the farm. In 1865 Jacob's oldest daughter Mary Elizabeth married John Berger and moved away from the farm. We do not know when Christina married and moved off the farm.

In 1873 Jacob Metz sold Jacob Weiler a roadway for $60.00 but reserved the right to use the roadway. Evidently Jacob Weiler sold his property to Peter Mueller. In 1912 there is a deed from Justina to Peter Mueller for $1.00 that corrects the deed of 1873.

Sometime before 1881 Joseph Metz died and his widow Josephine sold 11 acres to Jacob for $1.00 and exchange of property in July 1881.
This left 26 acres owned by Jacob Metz. In 1886 Jacob left the farm to live with his daughter Mary on Berger Hill. George (Jacob's oldest son) and his family were working the farm. In 1888 George died. George's family continued to live on and work the farm. In 1890 Jacob sold 15+11 acres, or 26 acres to George's wife Justina for $6,000. In late 1890 when William (Justina's 3rd son) married he brought his wife, Muffy, to live on the farm. They raised their 6 children on the farm. Joe (William's older brother) never married, but he continued to live on and work the farm with William.

Justina died in 1916, and William, her son, died in 1919. William's wife Muffy and her family continued to live on the farm. We do not know to whom Justina left the 'farm', but in 1919 there is a deed from Joseph Metz to Margaret (Muffy) Metz (William's wife) for "$1.00 and other good and valuable considerations" relinquishing his rights to the farm.

In 1920 a natural gas pipe line was installed. In 1921 a water line was installed. In 1927 electricity was installed.

In 1923 Muffy transferred 0.36 acres at the bottom of the hill to Marcy for $1.00. Marcy and her husband built a home there.

Lolly came back from South America in 1947 and moved on to the farm. Joe died in 1953, and Muffy died in 1957.
Lolly and Art Metz continued to live on the farm until Lolly died in 1978. Art was alone on the farm until he died in April 1987.

Before he died Art Metz sold the Metz farm property to a developer with the conditon that he could live on the property as long as he lived. Art died on April 7, 1987.

Right after Art died and before the developer took over the property Vivian Riestenberg (Real's daughter & Art's niece) went through the old farm house and saved all of the old newspaper articles, photos, notes and other family historical items found in the attic.

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