George Martin Metz

George's family
spouse: Margaritha Metz
2nd spouse: Maria Eva Rang
Margaritha's children:
Elizabeth, Francisca, Catharina, Georgus, Margaritha & Martini
Maria Eva's children:
Joannes, Jacob , Maria Elizabeth, Joseph & Caroline
family history
Metz farm families
Metz family index
George Martin was a Master Builder in Hayna.

A home he built in 1802 is still standing and in use in Hayna today. A link to the house and the plaque on the house is above.

George Martin was born in 1758 in Hayna. In 1788 when he was 30 years old he married Margaretha Metz. George Martin and Margaretha had 7 children before she died in 1801.

George Martin then married Maria Eva Rang in 1803 and they had 5 more children before he died in 1814.

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