Berger Hill Families
2567 Lick Run Pike
Now Queen City Ave.
Cincinnati, Ohio

Johann or John Berger (as we know him), married Mary Elizabeth Metz on 2/4/1865 in St. Peter Catholic Church in Lick Run. On 12/18/1865 John signed the deed to buy 'Berger Hill'.

John's dad was Meinrad Berger, his mother was Katharina Trefzger Bruegger. Katharina had been married to Johann Bruegger. They had 3 girls before Johann Bruegger died. Three years later Meinrad married Katharina. In 1853 Meinrad, Katharina, John, Leander and Nauni, Theresia and Karolina left Wehr, Baden and immigrated to Cincinati, Ohio, USA.

Mary Elizabeth Metz' parents were Jacob and Josepha Metz. Jacob's brother Joseph and sister Elizabeth immegrated to Cincinnati, Ohio in 1835. Jacob, Josepha and Jacob' mother Maria Eva also immigrated from Hayna in 1837 to Cincinnati, Ohio. In 1838 the family bought a farm on the west side of Cincinnati in Green Township on Lick Run Pike.

John and Mary had 8 children on 'Berger Hill':
John Leander, Anna, Amanda, George, Otilia or 'Tillie', Teresa, Agatha, and Joseph.

Their children's big weddings started in 1895 when Amanda married John Eckerle. In 1897 George Berger married Nellie Trefzger. In 1899 Tillie married Fred Trefzger. And in 1905 Teresia married Jack Sheblessy.

Move to John and Mary's grandchildren:
Eckerle's: Viola, John(Jr), Eugene, and Adolph.
Berger's: John N., Marcia, George(Jr), Alfred, Adel, Carl, and Richard.
Trefzger's: Fran, Herb, and Elsa.
Sheblessy's: John B., Walter, and Paul and Lucille.


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Fred Berger has recorded more current history of Berger Hill in the excerpts taken from his book 'Stories from the Berger History' found in the link to 'Berger Hill History'.

I hope you enjoy reviewing the story of our Berger, Metz, Eckerle, Trefzger and Sheblessy ancestors.
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Jerry Trefzger

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