'Doc' Raymond J. Metz

"Raymond Metz was born in 1897. He was always called "Doc". Don't have a lot of information on him. He worked at the hair factory, driving a horse and wagon. He, at some point, became a milkman. I remember him making deliveries when we lived on Tuxworth Ave. He continued at this job until he died. He married Ann Hesselbrock Richter, but don't know when. She had been married before and had 2 children from her first marriage, both of whom died. Doc and Aunt Annie had no children from their marriage. Ann was born in 1891. She worked at St. Francis Hospital in the sewing room, sewing first for the convent and then for the hospital. They owned a camp on East Miami River Road. We went there many times and always had so much fun. We visited them when they lived on Queen City Ave, near St. Bonnies'. Doc always did his "match sucking the egg in the milk bottle" trick, which totally fascinated us. They were like a comedy act. At their house, they each had their own container for their beer, and would run to the saloon to fill their containers. They certainly enjoyed life. Annie danced and could make her belly shake, which she did often at the camp parties. Doc would have been the family character. Masked in an old accounting book in the farm memory box, in Muffy's handwriting is written "Raymond's trial, March 26, 1926, continued till March 29th, 1926." Doc died of throat cancer in 1943, age 45. Annie died in 1987, age 96." by Vivian Riestenberg

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