Aloysius Metz
1875- befire 1920

Metz family census
father: George M. Metz
mother: Justina E. Rothan
spouse: Tallie Rothan
John, Joseph, William & Allie.
Mabel, Harold & Robert
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Metz farm families
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'Allie' Aloysius Metz was born in May,1875 on the farm.

In the 1880 census he is 5 years old and living on the Metz farm with his parents.

In the 1900 census he is 25 years old. He and Bernhard Metz, who is 21 years old, are living in Peoria, Ward 6, Illinois, with George and Rosena Rothan.

In the 1910 census Allie is 36 years old, married to Carry E. Rothan and they have 2 children: Laura E. Metz, 8, and Robert L Metz, 6.

Allie must have died before the 1920 census.


We have not been able to find a birth or death record for Aloysius.

We believe the marriage record shown is his. We do not know how or when Carrie got to Taylor, Iowa.

We have only found Aloysius in the 1880, 1900, and 1910 Federal Census.

The only record of Aloysius’ brother Bernard Metz is in the 1900 census.

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