'Josepha' Maria Josepha Metz Metz
1816 - 1849

Metz census
father: Joseph J. Metz
mother: Maria Josepha Boell
spouse: Jacob Metz
George, John Joseph, Mary & Christina
Metz farm families
Metz family index
Jacob Metz was courting Josepha’s older sister Maria Christine Metz. Jacob and Maria Christine had decided to get married, but when the young lady heard that Jacob intended to go immediately to the United States of America to seek his fortune she refused to go. Undaunted Jacob asked her younger sister Josepha to be his bride. She accepted so Jacob married Josepha Metz on 9/1/1837 in the Catholic Church in Hayna.

Not long after the marriage, Jacob and Josepha were at the Port of Le Havre on the French coast. They boarded the Bolivar and were on there way to America. On November 20, 1837 they arrived in New orleans, LA. They made their way up the Mississippi and Ohio rivers to Cincinnati, OH.

Jacob and Josepha had 4 children born on the Farm. When Josepha was 32 years old she died on July 10,1849 on the Farm of cholera in the epidemic that swept through Cincinnati that summer.

Jacob and Josepha are buried in the Metz plot in St. Aloysius – Bridgetown Cemetary, Lot 45, section 1.

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