John Leander Berger

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mother's ancestors
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father: John Berger
mother: Mary Metz
John L., Anna, George, Amanda, Tillie, Teresa, Agatha & Joseph

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"Stories from the Berger History"
Fred's 'Stories' p.50
John Leander Berger was born on January 15, 1866 on Berger Hill. John was the first child of John Berger and Mary Metz Berger. He died on May 29, 1881 when only 15years old.

When John was school age he started school at St. Boniventure grade school. In January 1881 while walking to school he was sliding on the ice on Lick Run Creek. He fell through the ice and got his clothes wet. He went on the school and was in wet clothes all day. He got sick and had to remain home in bed. Without penicillin or antibiotics he was not able to get well.

"When I was less than two years old, my brother John, the oldest in the family, was stricken with rheumatic fever. He had been fifteen years old in January, and was ill until May when his suffering was over."

Quote by Theresa Sheblessy.

Fred's 'Stories'
Fred Berger has written an excellent book 'Stories from The Berger History'.
For information about John Leander see the link to "Fred's 'Stories'p.50".

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