Amanda Berger
1873 - 1944

Amanda, the fourth child of John and Mary Berger, was born July 30,1873 on Berger Hill. When she was 22 years old she married John Eckerle on September 25, 1895 in St. Bonaventure Church.

John and Mary gave Amanda and John Eckerle approximately 2 acres of land at the west corner of their property as a wedding present. John Eckerle immediately built the Eckerle homestead on the high part of the parcel and a carriage house on the low part on Lick Run Pike. A wooden stairs connected the two buildings.

"John Eckerle, was one of the swains who began coming around quite often. His fair skin was a contradiction to his dark eyes and black hair. Added to his good looks, he was kind and considerate and became devoted to Mama and she to him. He had left his mother in Germany. As soon as he felt ready to carry the responsibility of marriage, he asked for permission for court the second daughter of the household. Amanda was the only blond member of the family, a lovely girl, she liked to cook and was Mama’s standby. We teasingly accused her of being Mama’s favorite. It became apparent that she gladly accepted John’s attentions, and soon the wedding date was set for September 25, 1895. She was born July 30, 1873. She was 22, and he 24 or 25." by Teresa Berger Sheblessy

"Great excitement followed. Plans were made and carried out. A rainbow wedding was fashionable. With Nellie in Peoria and Emma in Indianapolis, there was much correspondence as to color and style. Finally, it was decided that Emma would wear lavender, Tillie pink, Nellie yellow, and Margaret Spaeth the blue. As maid of honor, I wore white chiffon. With all the colors of the same intensity, it was really beautiful. Emma was engaged to Gus Kevers, so he too was in the wedding party. They were married the following year, in 1896. Anthony Metz was Mama’s brother John’s son and he in turn was a cousin on the maternal side to Margaret Spaeth. Robert Bauer was Mama’s sister ‘s son. Brother George was best man, and a handsome man he was." by Teresa Berger Sheblessy

Some years later Jack Sheblessy was the Architect for the addition of a basement ratzceller containing a billiard table, a dining room, entrance vestibule and porch on the first floor, and 2 bedrooms on the second floor.

Fred's 'Stories'
Fred Berger has written an excellent book 'Stories from The Berger History'.
For information about the wedding on the Hill and the Eckerle's new home see the link to "Fred's 'Stories'p.49".

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