Berger Ancestor Study

Early records
The earliest of our Berger records from St. Martin’s Church in Wehr are for Johann Michael Berger who was married to Elisabetha Sprich. They both lived in the little village of Atzenbach 2 kilometers north of Zell. Their children Johann Michaelis, Francis Xavier, Fridolin, Meinradus, Johann Baptist, Theresia, Anna Maria, and Franciska were born between 1772 and 1794 in Zell and Atzenbach. Zell is a small town about 10 kilometers north of Wehr back in the Black Forest.

Meinradus Berger married Maria ‘Magdalena’ Frauschle June 9, 1806. Their first child Meinradus came about a year later. Unfortunately he only lived until February 24, 1808. Not being superstitious they named their 2nd child Meinradus when he was born December 12, 1808. They had 2 other children, Josefa born in 1811, and Karl born in 1814.

This last Meinradus is our Meinrad.

The study is a collection of items to try to help us answer the questions:
What do we know about Minradus Berger, Katharina Trefzger Bruegger, and their families?
Why did Minradus Berger and Katharina Trefzger Bruegger Berger sell the textile mill in the early 1850s and come to Cincinnati?
What was Cincinnati like in the early 1850s?
What do we know about John and Mary Elizabeth Metz Berger and their family?
What do we remember about Berger Hill?

Did Meinrad and his family immigrate in 1851 or 1853? The translation of the original passport is 1853, but if you add the ages of Meinrad, Katharina, and Anna (Nanni) to their birth dates the translation should have been 1851. I hope someone can find a passenger list to confirm the exact year.
Is there any more information available about Katharina’s children’s Theresa Bruegger Doeble and Karolina Bruegger Schoen and their descendants?
Are there any more memories or stories about the early days on Berger Hill?

If you can add anything to our study of our Berger Ancestors please send it to me.
I hope you enjoy studying our Berger ancestors as much as I have.

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