Adele Petronella Berger Colvin
1911 - 2001


Adela or 'Adele' was born in Cincinnati on 2/4/1911. Aunt Adele was a wonderful woman. She always had a beautiful smile and a warm greeting for you. She was loved by every one.

She married Joseph Wesley Colvin on 8/28/1934 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her husband Joe was a fine Doctor. He delivered my brother Paul Trefzger.

Joe attended Ohio University in Athens, Ohio and played football for his school.

From Adele's story " During my first week in Athens, only the football team was on campus. I first saw Joe Colvin. I didn't meet him until several weeks later on a train going to the Miami U.C. football game. At first, I thought him very attractive looking, but different. I wasn't sure I liked him. He didn't have the usual "line" of flattery etc. and liked to talk about serious subjects. By Christmas time I knew he was the man for me, I was really in love. This surprised me as after dating so many men without getting seriously involved, I had begun to think I'd just have a career."

Joe served in the Military during World War 2. Shortly after the war he moved his practice to Ft. Worth, Texas. He bought a small farm outside of Fort Worth, moved his family there, and bred and raised quarter horses.

"Adele had it all! She was a beauty and won many hearts in college. Her pictures were Wow! like so many perfect people she married a handsome doctor and rased a brood of children and grandchildren. No one in Adele's family had any problems. She didn't have asthma. She just liked Mauve. It's all about attitude is it not.
PS we all used to call Adele Adela.Then one day when even I was old she told me that she never liked Adela. Her attitude was so great that even being called a name that you didn't like for years didn't effect her." by Fred Berger

To read Adele's story told in her own words Click Here.

Joe died on March 9, 1962 in Ft. Worth, TX. Adele died July 30, 2001 in Ft. Worth, TX.


In 2009 Joe(Jr.) gave me the 2 great photos of his Colvin and Jones ancestors. He also gave me a copy of handwritten Colvin and Jones ancestor charts. These charts showed the occupation of his male ancestors. Joe said his Dad use to love to joke about the notation 'no trade' written under his grandfather Ballard Jones name.

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