Eugene Eckerle
1900 - 1970

Eugene or Gene was born in the Eckerle homestead on January 12,1900.

Gene was in the Service for 2 months while at Xavier University.

In the 1930 Census Eugene was living at home. He was the purchasing agent for Aluminum Industries.

Gene never married. As each of his siblings married they moved out of the homestead. Gene was left with his Mom and Dad. His mother Amanda died on July 10,1944. His father John died on January 25,1945.

In 1950 Gene sold the Eckerle homestead to Elsa Trefzger Meyer and he moved to Long Beach, CA.

”The only one I knew was Uncle Gene and I loved him. We all did. I was very young, so I don't have a lot of memories, just that he was very big, very handsome, and was so nice and fun. I remember that he played the piano. I don't think he was ever married, but not positive. I'm pretty sure he was gay and never had kids. That's all I know.”*
*by Jeanne Gilchrist

” I only remember Eugene. He was handsome, single, flamboyant and fun and lived in Pacific Palisades, Ca.”**
**by Sue Meyer

For more on Uncle Gene’s interests see the links to his obituaries.

Gene died on December 28,1970 in Long Beach, CA.

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