Metz Farm Families
2661 Lick Run Pike
Cincinnati, Ohio

Our first Metz Farm family immigrated from Hayna, Pfalz. Hayna is a very small town west of the Rhine River.
The Metz ancestors have been traced back to Joachim Metz who was born in 1633 and died in 1699.

Our story really begins with George Martin Metz who had 7 children with his first wife Margaretha Metz in Hayna. After Margaretha died he married Maria Eva Rang.
After George M. Metz died Maria Eva and 4 of her 5 children immigrated to Cincinnati, Ohio in 1835 and 1837,arriving in New Orleans, LA and comming up the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers.

Early in 1838 Maria Eva and her family purchased the Metz Farm in Green Township just west of Cincinnati.

Then we link to Maria Eva's four children:
1st child: Jacob, who married Josepha Metz in 1837. Their 4 children were born on the farm.
2nd child: Maria Elizabetha, who married Jacob Weiler in 1836.
3rd child: Joseph, who married Josephina Reberger. They lived and had 8 children on the farm.
4th child: Caroline, who married Frank Pflum in 1839.

We link to Jacob's descendants who were born on the farm:
Jacob's children: George, John, Mary and Christina.
George's children: John, Joseph, William and Allie. (Jacob's grandchildren)
William's chldren: 'Al' Alphonse, 'Lolly' Luella, 'Doc' Ramond, 'Real' Aurelia, 'Marcy' Marcells and 'Art' Arthur. (Jacob's great grandchildren)

William's wife: 'Muffy' Margaret Baldus Metz

We also link to two other of Jacob's grandchildren who were close friends of the Bergers on Berger Hill in the late 1800s: Tony Metz (son of John) and Rob Bauer (son of Christina).

Descendants of George’s first son John (1865) have just been found: Norbert (1904) and his son Jack (1929).

Descendants of George’s fourth son Allie (1875) have just been found: Robert (1903).

Our sincere thanks to:
Arthur Altenau for beginning to record the Metz genealogy.
Vivian Riestenberg for saving all of the photos, articles and other information in the Metz farm house when the property was sold and for giving us information about George's descendants. Note: Vivian died 11/15/2011. Obituary
Charlie Nurrenberg for adding another branch of William Metz (1867) descendants.
Robert Patterson for adding another branch of William Metz (1867) descendants and for many hours of proof reading early web pages.
Mary Lu Rang Quehl for information about the Rangs.
Bob Stritzinger for info about the Metz, Rang, Stritzinger connection.
Ted Kooren for ancestors back to Joachim Metz (1633) and for descendants of Hans Martin Metz (1683).
Greg Burton for ancestors back to Joachim Metz (1633) and for more info on Stritzingers and Rangs.
Madeline Dodd for information on the the Metz and Barons.
Gunther Gleumes for Caroline Metz (1823) descendants.
Karen Burkart for Jacob Metz (1856) descendants.
Richard Busche for Frank Metz (1840) descendants.
Cheryl Wessel who has made an extensive study of Caroline Weiler's (1839) descendants.
Lisa Weiler who is studing the descendants of Jacob F. Weiler (1812),
and Jack Metz, Mary Rennerall and all who have added to this study.

A second thanks to Charlie Nurrenberger for hundreds of photos taken on the Metz farm.

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