Adolph Eckerle
1870 - 1945

Eckerle homestead
Eckerle family photos
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obit 1
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father:John Eckerle
mother:Amanda Berger
spouse #1: Ruth Friend
children:Jack, Clifford, James, Joan
spouse #2: Esther Meyers
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Adolph was born in the Eckerle homestead on January 18,1902.

On January 26,1921 he married Ruth Friend.

Adolph and Ruth had 3 boys and a girl: Jack. Cliford, Jim and Joan.

Ruth died in December 1929 shortly after Joan’s birth.

The children were raised by Ruth’s mother Catherina Fisher.

Adolph married Esther Meyer.

In the 1940 Census Adolph and Ester are living at 2614 Harrison Ave.

Originally Adolph was a machinist. He had a shop on Central Parkway in the Mohawk area. Later he owned a saloon named The Fire Hat on Harrison Ave.

Adolph died on February 24,1946.

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