Viola Eckerle
1896 - 1961

Viola or Vie was born in the Eckerle homestead on October 1,1896.

She married Harry John Hater in St. Boniventure Church.
Harry became the president of the Aluminum Industries, Inc.
See the link to ‘Harry’s obits’.

Vi and Harry had 3 boys: John ’Jack’, Robert ‘Bob’ and Harry ‘Poot’.

” All 3 sons attended Kentucky Military Institute. I am not sure where John finished school, Robert attended Xavier University and I believe that Harry attended Notre Dame. I know that my father enlisted in the Army & was stationed in the Gaum & Australia”*

” Vi and Harry lived in 3 homes, (1) Glenway Ave.,Cincinnati,Oh., (2) 2330 Prairie Ave., Miami Beach, Fl. (3) 401 Belvedere Ave.,Charlevoix, Mi. Later they sold the house on Glenway Ave. to a Catholic Convent, then moved into a condo and later moved to 5357 Julmar Dr., Cincinnati.”*

“Viola loved to entertain and travel, which they did extensively all over the world. Their summers were spent in Charlevoix, Mi., their winters in Miami Beach, and their falls & springs in Cincinnati.”*

”She had a couple, Grady and Mozelle Butler, who worked as her maid, butler, and chauffeur for many, many, years. They were like family to all of us. They moved with her to her homes in Michigan, Florida, and Ohio. I believe Mozelle is still alive and living in Cincinnati, but I don't know where. Boy, I bet she could give you more information than anyone.” **

Harry died on January 11,1961. Vi died on January 30,1968.

*by Sue Meyer
**by Jeanne Gilchrist

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