Anna Marie Berger

Anna, the second child of John and Mary, was born Anna Marie Berger on November 17, 1868.

Aunt Anna was born on Berger Hill and lived on Berger Hill all her life. After her mother Mary died in 1927 the old homestead was Aunt Anna's homestead. After Uncle Jack Sheblessy died in the fall of 1938 Aunt Teresa moved on to the Hill with Aunt Anna. During the cold winter months they moved to an apartment on Digby in Clifton Heights.

Aunt Anna loved to sit in her rocking chair in the northeast corner of the living room at the window overlooking the driveway to the Hill. The first order of business when arriving on the Hill was to go into the old house and say hello to Aunt Anna and Aunt Teresa.

"My sister, to many Aunt Anna, often visited Kate Rauch who was a very particular house keeper. Anna was impressed and learned much from her. When Anna returned home, her glowing accounts of the latest cleaning devices, a carpet sweeper and a wash machine, soon persuaded our mother to provide them for us. Although they were hand operated, they were quite an invention. Anna was an understanding, discerning person, always the confidante, the chaperon and comforter of her younger sisters. She loomed large as a moral force and competence and conviction were expected of her. After taking a course in dress making, for which she went to the city, and where she learned to draft her own patterns, she was our seamstress, and soon we were the best dressed girls in our circle of friends. Anna was an equestrienne, roadside saddle and was stunning in her long riding habit. When she was teased about being a man hater, she objected emphatically with ďI just donít want to be married.Ē*

"Sister Anna was a pillar of strength upon which Mama depended."*

"I loved my grandmother, Aunt Anna and Uncle Joe."**

"We always had to stop in the old house first to say hello to Aunt Anna. She sat in her chair by the window in the living room and would see your car come up the driveway."
"Mrs. Richter (Normaís mother), and Norma were living with Aunt Anna in the early days. I donít know when Mrs. Richter died, but after her death Norma lived with Aunt Anna for a while."
"Aunt Teresa moved back with Aunt Anna after Uncle Jack Sheblessy died in the fall of 1938. Although they lived in an apartment on Digby in Clifton in the winter Aunt Anna and Aunt Teresa were always in their old homestead all summer, that is, until Aunt Anna died in 1954."

* Quotes by THeresa Berger Sheblessy.
** Quote by Franz Trefzger.

Fred's 'Stories'
Fred Berger has written an excellent book 'Stories from The Berger History'.
For information about 'Aunt Teresa, aunt Anna and her will' see the link to "Fred's 'Stories'p.71b".

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