Walter Frederick Sheblessy
1910 - 1995

Wally was born Walter Frederick Sheblessy on 2/26/1910 on Berger Hill in Cincinnati, OH. The Sheblessys lived in the first floor apartment of a building designed and built by his Dad Jack Sheblessy.

Wally married Jean Anne Nerple on 8/17/1940.

Wally received his Bachlor of Science degree in Architecture from the University of Cincinnati. Then he earned his Masteers Degree from Massachusets Institute of Technology. He practiced architecture in Cincinnati.

Wally spent much of his spare time on Berger Hill. He designed and he and Wally Meyer built the Lodge just before the Second World War. He served as an Ensign in the War. Right after the war he designed and built the Bath House. During the fifties he and Wally Meyer added the deck on the south side of the pool. Later he designed the garage and apartment that Fred Berger built and calls the Carriage House.

Wally was a good athlete and loved to play handball.

Jean was a professional photographer. She photographed many of the family's children, and made many wedding albums for family members. Copper enameling was one of her hobbies.

Wally died on 9/27/1995, and Jean died 8/7/2004.

Fred's 'Stories'
Fred Berger has written an excellent book 'Stories from The Berger History'.

For information about 'the lodge' see the link to "Fred's 'Stories'p.66".
The Denghausen Family Tree contains 'Walter Sheblessy' married to 'Jean Ann Nerpel'.
"My husband's grandma was Florence Weigand, and her sister was Edna Marie Weigand. Edna's daughter was Jean Anne Nerpal. Jeans husband was Walter Sheblessy. My family knew Walter Sheblessy."
Diane Denghausen

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