Metz Immigration
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Joseph in 1835

Elizabeth in 1835

Maria Eva in 1837

Jacob in 1837

We haven't been able to find a record of Caroline's immigration.
We assume she came with Maria Eva and Jacob in 1937.

On Nov.14,2019 I received an emai from Mary Jensen who wrote:
"I found her with Jacob and Maria Eva on the passenger list for the Bolivar."
"The one I did not find was Jacob's new wife Josepha, unless she is the woman listed as Sophia who is the right age for Jacob's wife. I could see how someone who was not really fluent in the sound and spellings of names could have heard Josepha as Sophia and written that down by mistake."
"I also found the passenger list for the Salem with Joseph and Elizabeth on it. And two lines below Elizabeth is her future husband, Jacob Weiler. So it seems they met on the voyage across the Atlantic rather than a steamer going up the Mississippi."

Thank you:
Thank you Mary.

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