Jacob Weiler
    1812 - 1890

Jacob Weiler was born on Dec.10,1812 in Herxheim (a little town about 1 mile away from Hayna (the Metz home town)). He emmigrated to the U.S.A. in 1835 on the 'Salem' with Elizabeth and her brother Jacob Metz.

On 5/31/1836 Jacob Weiler married Maria Elizabeth Metz in Hamilton County, OH.

Early in 1838 Maria Eva Rang Metz (the 2nd wife of George Martin Metz) with son Jacob (31 years old), son Joseph (26), and son-in-law Jacob Weiler (about 23, and husband of Maria Elizabeth Metz) purchased 45 acres of land about 1.2 miles west of the Petersburg community at the upper end of the Lick Run valley, in Green Township west of Cincinnati, OH. The deed was recorded 3/12/1838.

In 1843 the 45 acre farm was divided into 3 sections of 15 acres, owned by Jacob Metz, Joseph Metz, and Jacob Weiler. Jacob Weiler owned the western section.

Jacob Weiler (according to his death notice) was born in Germany. In 1836 he worked on a steamship on the Mississippi River. He farmed hard for 3 years. Then he decided to change work.

Jacob Weiler and Maria Elizabeth (Metz) Weiler built a home at 1064 Queen City Ave.

Elizabeth and Jacob had 5 children before Elizabeth died in 1849 of cholera that swept through Cincinnati.

Jacob married Christina Lauenstein in 1850. Jacob and Christina had 7 children.

Jacob died of cancer of the stomach on 8/7/1890. Jacob and Christina are buried in the old St. Joseph Cemetary in Cincinnati, OH.

Our thanks to Cheryl Hartlaub Wessel for all of the descendants of Jacob and Elisabeth's daughter Caroline.
Our thanks to Tim Weiler for all of the descendants of Jacob and Christina.
Our thanks to Brad Weiler for the info about Jacobs birth village and emmigration.

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