Walter J. Meyer, Jr.
1909 - 1974

1960s remodeling
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father: Walter J. Meyer
mother: Alma Senholzi
spouse: Elsa Trefzger
children: Jeff and Linda

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"Stories from the Berger History"
Fred's 'Stories' p.66
Fred's 'Stories' p.68
Wally was born on December 5, 1909 in Cincinnati, OH.

On June 6,1935 Walter J. Meyer,Jr. married Elsa Marie Trefzger in Cincinnati, OH. They moved to an apartment in College Hill. Wally ans Elsa has 2 children.

When Wally went into the service during the 2nd world war Elsa and Jeff moved in with her father and mother at 3450 Cheviot Ave.

Wally was a handsome man. He had a good build, was tanned, with golden blond hair that was always combed neatly. He was always well dressed.

Most of his life he was an independent represenative for several leather goods producers. One of his best clients was a shoe manufacturer near Portsmouth, Ohio.
Wally took flying lessons and obtained his pilots license. During the 2nd world war he was a member of the Civil Air Patrol.
When his firm introduced a new line of leather good he would take his samples and fly down to Portsmouth to show the line to his client.

Wally played the piano beautifully. He played by memory and by ear. He never uses notes. He had a wonderful touch.

Elsa's mother died July 13,1946. Shortly after this Elsa and Wally remodeled the first floor of 3450 Cheviot Ave. removing the walls between the entrance hall, living room, and dining rooms. They also remodeled the kitchen, changing the entrance to the kitchen, put in a toilet room on the first floor, and added a 2 car cement garage with a patio on top of the garage.

In 1952 the family bought the Eckerle homestead on Berger Hill. Sometime afterward Elsa & Wally enclosed the front porch of the home and turned it into a bar.

Elsa continued to lived in the Eckerle home until 1995.

Wally died on June 19,1974.


It was because of Wally that I became a manufacturer's represenative.

Census Notes:
Wally shows up in the 1920 census as a 10 year old living with his parents.
The 1930 census lists Elsa living with her parents.

Fred's 'Stories'
Fred Berger has written an excellent book 'Stories from The Berger History'.

For information about 'the lodge' see the link to "Fred's 'Stories'p.66".

For information about 'Gene sells the Eckerle Houe to Elsa' see the link to "Fred's 'Stories'p.68".

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