Norbert B. Metz
1904 - 2002

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father: John N. Metz
mother: Lizzie Keller
spouse: Antoinette Kuhlmann
George, Alma, and Olivia.
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”My father was born, Oct. 23, 1904 and died in June, 2002 at the age of 98. His wife was Antoinette Kuhlmann, who died in September, 2002. Had my father lived another two month they would have been married 75 years.

They built their first home -- 4013 Walter Ave, Cheviot -- in 1927, and their second home -- 6045 Bridgetown Road, shortly after World War II ended. The three acre home site on Bridgetown Road, today is a Medical Office Building.”

My father never talked about his family. He was seven, I believe the youngest of his sister and brother, when his father died. His mother, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Keller Metz obviously had to find a way to provide for her family and appearantly found a gentleman who had children and went to live with him to care for his children and her own.

This really embarrassed my Dad and was the major reason, according to my mother, for his never discussing the Metz family. The gentleman’s name was Meyer and therefore she was always known as Grandma Meyer and never Grandma Metz. I know nothing more about this relationship.

The Cincinnati Enquirer obituary read – METZ-MEYER – Elizabeth M. (nee Keller) beloved mother of George and Norbert Metz and Olivia Dossenback, grandmother of nine grandchildren and 19 great grandchildren, Friday, Dec 13, 1957. Age -92, at the residence of her granddaughter, Mrs Myrtle Liggett. The Vitt and Stermer Funeral Home, 1824 Westwood Avenue, was in charge.

She is buried alongside John Metz at St. Joseph German Cemetery, W. Eight St.

My Dad occasionally met with his brother George, a postal worker, who lived on Shirley Place, off Glenway Avenue in Covedale. I remember going there once as a small child. George never had any children. His sister Olivia Dossenback, wife of Albert Dossenback, and Dad never visited. She had ten children.”

* quote by Jack Metz


Our thanks to Jack Metz for information about his family.

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