Jack Metz
1929 -

”I live at 6530 Chesapeake Run, Cincy, OH., 45248 in Eagle Lake Condos, off Harrison Avenue across the street from Meier's, Kohl's and Longhorn Steak. Eagle Lake is directly behind Eagle Nest Condos.

My wife, Betty (Prass) died in 2006.

I took several Physical Ed classes from Paul Nohr while at West Hi. I worked all four years as the delivery boy for Neiheisel Grocery, Werk Road and Glenmore Avenue.

I am 84 years old born April 7, 1929, and the father of three children -- two adopted and one the normal way. I attended St. Martin Grade School and graduated Western Hills High School, graduating in 1947.

I met your father once during a West Hi-Elder Thanksgiving game at the pit when a grade school friend of mine introduced the two of us.”*

* quote by Jack Metz


My dad Herbert Trefzger went to the two Elder-West Hi football games in which my brother Jim was the quarter back for Elder. Jack must have met dad at one of these games.

My brother Jim married Judy Nohr (Paul Nohr’s daughter).


Our thanks to Jack Metz for the above information.

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