Robert Leo Aloysius Metz
1903 - 1987

father: Aloysius Metz
mother: Carrie Rothan
spouse: Lydia Nuest
Mary Jo & Monica
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Robert was born on September 14,1903 in Peoria, IL..”*

In the 1910 census Robert, 6, and his sister Laura, 8, were living at home with their parents in Peoria.

In 1920 Robert, his sistr Lorine and mother Caroline were living with the Rothans on Howitt Street in Peoria. His father Aloysius is not listed.

”On 10/19/1929 he married Lydia Nuest. Her whole family grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin somewhere.”*

In 1930 Robert and Lydia rented at 131 Barker Ave., Peoria, IL. Robert was a cashier at a paper mill.

In 1940 Robert and Lydia and two daughters; Mary, 5, and Monica, 1, are living at 603 Peoria Avenue In Peoria, IL. Robert owned the house valued at $4,000. He finished high school and was working. His income was $2,400 per year.

Robert died on September 28,1987.

* by Mary Renner.


Our sincere thanks to Mary Renner. Most of the information about Robert and Lydia and their family has come from Mary.


Robert’s sister is listed as ‘Laura’ in the 1910 census and ‘Lorins’ in the 1920 census. We believe her name was ‘Lorraine’. She married William J Holden and is found in the 1930 census with one child David, 17.

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