Josephina Reberger Metz
    1818 - 1896

1837 immigration
1841 letter
1840 Census
1850 Census
father: Joseph
mother: Anna M. Dumbacher
spouse: Joseph Metz
Frank, Jane, Josephine, Joseph, Kate, Jacob, Christina & Anna
Metz farm families
Metz family index
'Josephine' was born in Germany.

When she was 19 years old, the oldest child in her family, she and her whole family left Breman, Germany on the ship ‘Favorite’ and arrived in Baltimore on September 4, 1837.

Joseph Metz and Josephina Reberger were married in Holy Trinity Catholic Church on August 13, 1839.

In 1841 her father Josef wrote a letter to his brother telling him that his oldest daughter had married a farmer, who owned his own land, named Josef Metz. See the link to the left.

Joseph and Josephine had 8 children on the farm: Frank 1841, Jane 1842, Josephine 1845, Joseph 1849, Kate 1854, Jcaob 1856, Christina 1858 and Anna 1861.

Joseph died on October 12,1871.

Josephine is found in a 1890-91 Cincinnati Directory living at 260 Westwood Ave.

Josephine died on August 30,1896.

Joseph and Josephine are buried in Old St.Joseph Cemetary.


We believe Josephine’s family came from Schneeberg, Bavaria.


We are not sure of Josephine’s maiden name.

Our family records show ‘Revberger’. The 1837 passenger lists writes ‘Ribberger’. In her 1839 marriage they recorded her name as ‘Rebarger’. The 1940 census says ‘Rebberger’. The 1841 letter reads ‘Riepberger’. The 1850 census shows ’Freberger’. One marriage shows ‘Riepperger’ and 2 marriages read ‘Ripperger’ .


Our sincere thanks to Cindy Light, a descendant of Caroline (Josephine’s sister), who in the fall of 2014 sent us the ‘1837 passenger lists, 1841 letter and the 1850 Census.

Who in the summer of 2016 sent us Josephine’s marriage record and the marriage records of three of her sisters.

Comment by Cindy Light:

”I believe Josephine’s maiden neme is Ripperger. I believe that branches of the family are the original settlers of St. Peter’s, Indiana. If you look carefully at the passenger list, Josephine’s mother is listed as Anna M..She is Anna Maria Dumbacher.”

”Can’t find what happened to Josephine’s parents or brother after the census.”

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