Karolina Bruegger
   1833 - 1866

Bruegger descendants
father: John Bruegger
mother: Katharina Trefzger
Nauni, Theresia & Karolina
Rauch home
Karolina's, the 2nd child of Johann Bruegger and Katharina Trefzger, was born on 11/12/1833 in Wehr, Baden. She died in 8/12/1866 in Cincinnati, OH.

Karolina's father died in 1834. Her mother married Meinradus Berger in 1837. In 1853 Meinradus and Katharina immigrated to Cincinnati. They brought Nauni, Theresa, Karolina and their 2 sons John and Leander. The family lived on Richmond Street west of downtown Cincinnati.

Karolina maried John Schoen.

They had 4 children. One daughter 'Katie' Catherine, and three sons: John, Ed and Joseph.

"Now for the weddings: the first one of which I have heard much, but was not here to witness, occurred in 1875, and was celebrated on the hill. John Rauch, a friend of Papa’s, married Catherine Schoen. Katie as she was called, was the daughter of another halfsister of Papa. There was a loving devotion between them, his as uncle was that of protection and hers of appreciation. The Rauchs moved to Indianapolis, raised a family of three. Emma, Edward, and John. Emma married Gus Kevers, they had two sons Robert, the older, died at 20 from tuberculosis contracted because of carelessness after playing ball, “Nothing could happen to a strong guy of 18. Norman married Alice Fulton, they had two children, Sandra and Norman, and they all lived in Miami Beach. Edward Rauch and his second wife Peggy live in Los Angeles. John Rauch married Gertrude Snull, they have three children. They all live in Indianapolis. After Emma was widowed for a number of years, she married William Wemmer from Lima. When Emma was in her teens, she spent every summer with us. We were her family too. Ed was my age and also spent many weeks here. Those were our climing years, the hayloft, roofs, no trees were too high....fun years. (Ed died in 1964)."

"My sister, to many Aunt Anna, often visited Kate Rauch who was a very particular house keeper. Anna was impressed and learned much from her. When Anna returned home, her glowing accounts of the latest cleaning devices, a carpet sweeper and a wash machine, soon persuaded our mother to provide them for us. Although they were hand operated, they were quite an invention."

In 2013 Ann Berger Frutkin, Meinrad Berger's Great Great Granddaughter visited the Rauch home in Indianapolis. See the account at the link on the left.

*quotes by Theresa Sheblessy

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